Peer Reviewed ISSN:1812-237X

Arabic Impact Factor=2.02

published by Marine Science Center,University of Basrah

Prof. Dr. Farhan Thamad Mhaissen/Sweden.

Prof. Dr. Hashim Abd Al- Razzak Ahmed…. Agriculture College/Baghdad University.

Prof. Dr. Khaleel Ibrahim Salih….Technical College/Mussaiab.

Prof. Dr. Fikrat Majeed Hasan…..Science College/ Baghdad University.

Prof. Dr. Jasem G. Marammazi …..South Iran Aqua. Res. center/ Iran.

Dr. Ramez Alhazzaa Aust….. Maritime college /Tasmania Univ./Australia.

Dr. Issam Krouma….Dept of Fisheries Resource/Syria.

Dr. Naser agh…. Artemia & Aqua.Animals Res.Ins./Iran.

Prof. Laith A. Jawad…Freelance Fish Biodiversity Consultant and Expert/Auckland, New Zealand.